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Does wearing makeup imply self-consciousness?

via. Recently, someone (who doesn’t wear makeup frequently) told me that because I get a confidence boost wearing makeup, it means I must be self-conscious about something. I was quite insulted and took it very personally; not only does it bother me when people tell me how I “must” be feeling, but also saying that… Read more »

Family Christmas card…circa 1999.

This is one of my favorite old family Christmas cards simply because it is literally so hilarious. I was going to pick this super super cute one we took when Brian was a pudgy baby and I was an adorable 7 year old, but this one is just so fantastic. Here I am…super weirdly tall… Read more »

Dear Santa, Love Roxy.

Dear Santa, Let me start out by thanking you for all of the delicious treats and fun toys you’ve given me over the past few years. I really appreciated them, but I have a few special requests to put in this year. ||   The cats get to walk on the counter and have access… Read more »

I abhor Black Friday.

Black Friday is a phenomenon that causes me to question what we have become as a society. I mean, I get it. Black Friday deals are fantastic and can really help out with your holiday costs. That’s fine! What I absolutely can’t STAND is how greedy of a “holiday” Black Friday has become, so much… Read more »

I had another paranormal experience.

So back in June I had a pretty creepy paranormal experience while on a ghost tour with Ilhan, my sister, and her boyfriend…but that turned out to be nothing but a precursor to the very terrifying paranormal experience I had in early October. So I was spending the night at my grandma’s house with my… Read more »

Zodiac Obsession // I am SO Aquarius.

via. A little something you might not know about me is that I’ve been super into the Zodiac lately. Even Ilhan has been reading his horoscopes with me (and he’s the most skeptical person ever…like remember my paranormal experience? He still doesn’t think it’s anything paranormal. Come on now…play along, buddy.). I have not always… Read more »

Story Time // pranking my little brother

I feel like I have a lot of funny stories about my childhood. My siblings and I were homeschooled, so we spent a LOT of time together; we had countless pretend games, went on awesome field trips, and generally had a great time. One thing that I find particularly hilarious to reflect on is a… Read more »

I am utterly in love with Odesza // thoughts + a playlist

via. Ok guys. So if you follow my Instagram, you’ll know that Ilhan and I saw Odesza this weekend in Hollywood (bonus points if you also follow my private account because I posted the same picture on both haha…not even sorry). I literally cannot stop listening to them. And I mean I LITERALLY cAnNoT sToPpppPPPPppPpp…. Read more »

Life Update // three news items

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve given you any updates on my life. This is mostly because I haven’t had any big updates lol…everything has been fairly monotonous for the past few months. I have honestly been growing restless for a while; after flying back and forth between California and Pennsylvania all four years… Read more »

Putting on a crinoline: WORTH IT.

via. Can we just take a moment to indulge me in one of the things I love the most in the world? I ADORE fashion history, especially 1700-1940 (lol at this huge range of fashion eras…but considering how old civilization is, 240 years isn’t really that much right?). I found this pin on Pinterest and… Read more »