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This is Olivia. We go way back. Our friendship began in Park City, Utah, when I was 5. My parents took me and my sister (this is before my brother was born) to a toy store and we each picked out a stuffed animal. Wolves were my favorite animal at the time, so of course… Read more »

My completely irrational fear

I think everyone has some sort of irrational fear, like fear of heights or spiders or clowns. I have no idea how these fears originate because they’re mostly baseless; for instance, I loved clowns until I reached a certain age when suddenly they became the creepiest beings ever. But that’s not the fear I want… Read more »

No words.

I rescheduled my posts for today and will be publishing them next Tuesday instead. I just didn’t feel right posting lighthearted things in light of the tragic news from yesterday about Robin Williams passing away. Depression is a debilitating and devastating disease that suffers must fight against on a daily basis. It should not be… Read more »

Story Time: The Absolute WORST Date

I’ve written about quite a few dates that Ilhan and I have gone on (like this one and this one), so I thought I’d share a different kind of story today: the worst date I’ve ever been on. It’s a hilarious story to reflect on and I don’t really talk about anything from before I… Read more »


You guys, I saw this video last week and I cried my eyes out. EVERYONE should watch this because it is very powerful; I never realized that there was a point in my life when “like a girl” changed it’s meaning and it’s heartbreaking that it did.  I’m going to start hashtagging everything I do… Read more »

My little buddy Chester

I hate when people say they don’t like cats because cats aren’t friendly. Maybe cats aren’t as outwardly excited to see you as dogs are, and they don’t come when they’re called (usually), but they are very loving creatures in their own way. I get really scared of the dark (lol), so I don’t like… Read more »

I had a paranormal experience.

So this past weekend, Ilhan and I went on a ghost tour with my sister and her boyfriend in Old Town San Diego. You read the title of this post right…I had a paranormal experience, and it happened on this tour. And I couldn’t not tell you guys about it! I’m going to try to… Read more »

Love languages and why they’re important

Have you ever taken this test to find out your love language? If not, take a moment to do so. I recently took this test and felt surprisingly enlightened about myself. Although I had already known my love language is gifts (because it’s just obvious to me haha), I had felt kind of weird actually… Read more »

Thoughts on OOTDs & selfies

via. Confession: I love fashion blogs. Although I am far too lazy to actually compose outfits and photograph them at the frequency that a proper fashion blog requires, I wish doing so was more “me.” I love dressing up and feeling pretty and there’s something about that that I want to share; it’s such a… Read more »