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I’m so sick of tattoo hate.

Since I started writing this blog, I have wanted to write about things/issues/more serious topics that actually hold weight in my life. Doing so has proven to be daunting because the Internet is a big scary place and I’m a very non-confrontational person which makes me paranoid of offending people. But I have been thinking… Read more »

Product Review // The Gnarly Whale

Happy Friday :] Today I bring you a product review that has been a LONG time coming. Over Christmas, I was looking for good, natural beauty products to start replacing what I was using for a few reasons. One, I dislike the idea of chemicals soaking into my skin and hair (I know, I still… Read more »

Spring Inspired Somethings

So when Ilhan and I were in San Francisco, we wandered into a The Paper Source shop and let me tell you…I fell in absolute head over heels love. I’m such a sucker for stationary and nice cards and paper and little treasures and TPS completely tickled my fancy (I love that expression haha). The… Read more »

Happy Sixth Anniversary To Us!

I have something really special to share with you all today. Six years ago today, Ilhan asked me to be his girlfriend via “reading my palm” (the first time our hands touched hehe) and predicting that later that night a crazy skateboarder was going to ask a pretty girl to be his girlfriend (I read… Read more »

Momento – the app that I HAVE to share!

So today I thought I would introduce something a little different to my blog and talk about an iPhone (or any smart phone) app that I am IN LOVE WITH. It’s called Momento, and I was recently turned on to it by one of my good friends. Basically, it’s a mini journal you keep on… Read more »

Birthday Gift Creating

You might remember from last week’s Instarecap that it was my best friend’s 24th birthday last Sunday. I really like making things as gifts vs buying them, so I thought I would share what I did for Jo. It’s not any sort of tutorial because they are nothing innovative and you could easily find a… Read more »

Antique Store Date

Two weekends ago, Ilhan and I went out for a lovely date night in the city of Orange, which is the historic center of Orange County (as in…the Real Housewives of Orange County). Being the history lover that I am (and as Ilhan is too), going to a really cool antique store is a super… Read more »

Tea Cup Candle

Ok so I saw this craft inspiration on Pinterest last year and made some for Christmas. It was a huge success! They are super easy and fun to make and I think the results are so pretty. I didn’t use a tutorial when I made my first ones, so I just experimented and came up… Read more »

7 Deadly Sins Link-Up

I stumbled across this link-up on Cara’s blog and I thought it was a really cute idea for Halloween :] PrideSeven great things in your life:01. My family, immediate and extended.02. My boyfriend.03. My friends.04. My hair. Haha just to be completely honest.05. My pets.06. My amazing university and the education I now have because of it.07…. Read more »

Labor Day Date

I had to work Labor Day weekend (I work at H&M) but Ilhan and I both had Monday off, so we got to go on a real date for the first time in forever. We are the world’s biggest homebodies so it takes a huge effort for us to get out of PJs and do… Read more »