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Sisterhood of the World tag + AWC’s new look!

Hi. It has literally been so since I’ve blogged but I’m not really sorry. I’ve been really swamped over at Paleohacks and I’ve been trying to take better care of myself by exercising, getting enough sleep, reading etc. This little blog has been on the back burner as a result. Also I’ve just been on the lazy side with… Read more »

One Lovely Blog Award // A tag!

Last week one of my best blogger buddies, Miho, tagged me for this One Lovely Blog Award (thank you!). I love tags and an excuse to share stuff about me that you don’t already know. I really enjoy getting to know my fellow bloggers and I like anyone that reads this getting to know me… Read more »

Around the World Blog Hop

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but when I got home and sat down to publish it, my internet wasn’t working… *grumpy emoji* Better late than never? background image via pinterest. can’t find the original! Last Monday I was tagged by my wonderful friend Jane over at one of my favorite blogs Always With Yoo… Read more »

A Little Game [ TAG ]

via. As you might know by now, I really love tags. I think they’re just so fun to fill out, so fun to read, and a really nice way to get to know bloggers. So I LOVE getting tagged :] I was tagged to do this game tag by lovely Julia from A Writer’s Block… Read more »

Tagged + A Quick Update

Hello! So I know I’ve been a terrible blogger lately and I didn’t get around to publishing either my Tuesday or Wednesday posts…but let me explain. I was driving all weekend (seriously about twelve hours spent in the car), got a week’s worth of bloglovin catch up done on Monday, and had work on Tuesday… Read more »

About Me :]

So a few weeks ago, Anna at Anna Czarina nominated me for a Liebster award. Since I just posted about one that I previously got from Julia at Writers Block Near You, I didn’t want to do the whole thing over but thought I would just answer Anna’s questions (inspired in part by Miho!). Anyways, I recently have… Read more »

Autumn Tag

Hello blog world! I totally disappeared from blogging last week. I was totally slammed at work and have just been exhausted and getting sick :[ I’ll be back this week though, I promise! Especially doing October Daily again.I hope everyone had a great week! Here’s something quick for this late Sunday night. I found this… Read more »