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5 Things I’m Thankful For This Year
5 Things I'm Thankful For This Year

Is anyone else in complete disbelief that Thanksgiving 2015 has already come and gone? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s pretty stress-free compared to Christmas, it comes around in fall (the best season😏), and the dinner is pretty freaking mind-blowing. But other than that, I appreciate the reminder at the end of the year… Read more »

2015 // A Fresh Start

I took an unexpected hiatus for most of December; my last post was published on December 10 and I just could not bring myself to write anything after that. I was feeling really lost in the blog world, without purpose or direction and I wasn’t loving my content anymore. A Weekend Crossing felt like an… Read more »

Does wearing makeup imply self-consciousness?

via. Recently, someone (who doesn’t wear makeup frequently) told me that because I get a confidence boost wearing makeup, it means I must be self-conscious about something. I was quite insulted and took it very personally; not only does it bother me when people tell me how I “must” be feeling, but also saying that… Read more »

I abhor Black Friday.

Black Friday is a phenomenon that causes me to question what we have become as a society. I mean, I get it. Black Friday deals are fantastic and can really help out with your holiday costs. That’s fine! What I absolutely can’t STAND is how greedy of a “holiday” Black Friday has become, so much… Read more »

An important question for history haters.

via. I am a history lover (read: obsessor) and I have been one since I was a little kid. My sister and  I centered our pretend games around our favorite eras in history or our favorite historical figures (for example, we had a very detailed game surrounding the Kennedy White House and another one about… Read more »

10 things that I believe

01. What goes around comes around – so make sure you’re spreading what you’d welcome returning to you. 02. Animals deserve to be treated with kindness, love, and respect. 03. Eggs are the best of all breakfast foods. 04. The best feeling mornings are the cold ones where you can snooze in bed under a… Read more »


You guys, I saw this video last week and I cried my eyes out. EVERYONE should watch this because it is very powerful; I never realized that there was a point in my life when “like a girl” changed it’s meaning and it’s heartbreaking that it did.  I’m going to start hashtagging everything I do… Read more »

Brighten your own day

via. I’ve started doing this thing lately. A lot. I add events to my calendar on my phone that aren’t events at all. They’re just notes to myself. They say things like “today is the day” or “get something done right now.” Some of them I have set to appear at the same time every… Read more »

Love languages and why they’re important

Have you ever taken this test to find out your love language? If not, take a moment to do so. I recently took this test and felt surprisingly enlightened about myself. Although I had already known my love language is gifts (because it’s just obvious to me haha), I had felt kind of weird actually… Read more »

Thoughts on OOTDs & selfies

via. Confession: I love fashion blogs. Although I am far too lazy to actually compose outfits and photograph them at the frequency that a proper fashion blog requires, I wish doing so was more “me.” I love dressing up and feeling pretty and there’s something about that that I want to share; it’s such a… Read more »