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Los Angeles Eats // Blue C Sushi

The more I spend time in Los Angeles, the more I like it. Granted, the majority of the time I’ve spent there has involved indulging in absolutely amazing food…which is enough to have some sway on anyone’s opinion right? ;] One recently discovered spot in LA is Blue C Sushi in Hollywood, where Ilhan and… Read more »

When In Turkey, Try Turkish Coffee
Turkish coffee

When you think about coffee, what comes to your mind? Your favorite mug steaming with a strong black brew? Or maybe for you, coffee means a sweet Starbucks frappuccino. For me, I think of a hot, creamy latte, especially one in an extra wide mug with a pretty design in the milky foam. However, my… Read more »

New York City // Visiting Ellis Island

I remember reading books about Ellis Island when I was little, filled with grainy black and white photos of people from all corners of the world seeking entry into the US. I specifically remember the pictures of people getting medical exams and getting marked on their clothes depending on the results of those exams. For… Read more »

Boston // Old North Church
Boston Old North Church

There’s just something about being in close contact with history that makes my skin all tingly. Do you know that feeling? Where you can immediately feel the weight surrounding a building or object, can sense the importance of what you’re beholding? Stepping inside Old North Church (Christ Church) in Boston gives you that feeling; the… Read more »

5 Things to Do In San Diego This Fall

Happy first day of fall! I’m so so so pumped to leave the summer behind…this is my favorite time of year, when the air gets crisp and you can drink hot drinks all bundled up next to the window. Sadly, Southern California doesn’t really cool down until November or December (or January…), so a lot… Read more »

Summer Destination // Turkey & Bulgaria

via. Cutting right to the chase, this summer I’ll be traveling with Ilhan’s family for five weeks in Turkey and Bulgaria! I’m not the one planning the itinerary so I’m not 100% sure which cities we’ll be visiting exactly, but I would love anyone’s recommendations for Istanbul and Sofia :] I’m planning on doing daily blogging to record… Read more »

New York City // Brooklyn Museum

Manhattan is abundant in excellent museums, but crossing the river into Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Museum is absolutely worth the trip. Similar to my experience at the National Academy Museum, there were very few other guests that day, giving my mind space to wander and my feet permission to walk as leisurely as they wanted;… Read more »

New York City // National Academy Museum

If you’re looking for excellent museums that are both beautiful and interesting, New York City is certainly a good place to start looking. I was really looking forward to hitting the big ones like the Met, MoMa and Guggenheim, and didn’t give very much thought to other options; I figured those big ones would take… Read more »

New York City // first snapshots

I like to think of myself as a hardy traveler, one who can jump on a red-eye flight so I don’t “waste a day” of vacation being in transit. Passenger by night, tourist by day right? I think one of the most important lessons I learned on my trip to New York City was that… Read more »

Santa Barbara // Zaytoon

I didn’t take enough photos for this to be a proper review, but I wanted to share this handful of shots from a truly lovely dinner spot in Santa Barbara, CA. I adore eating meals somewhere pretty, be it takeout by the beach or beautifully decorated restaurant, and Zaytoon truly fit that bill. The evening… Read more »