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Budapest // Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square (Hősök tere) at dusk, at night, and in daylight. One of the most important sites in Budapest, it commemorates the seven tribes who founded the city in addition to other Hungarian heroes. It is also the location of our second picnic dinner. At dusk, it was quiet; the tourists were at dinner, the… Read more »

A Virginia Weekend + Currently Loving, 04

Currently loving (OBSESSING OVER) this Pandora station, with Marina & the Diamonds, Lorde, Ellie Goulding, and Purity Ring as the artist seeds. It’s energetic yet relaxing. Listening to it at all times, not exaggerating. So go ahead and tune into that before you continue ;] Two weekends back, my parents, sister, and I flew into Dulles Airport… Read more »

Budapest // Exploring Buda Castle

A mid-morning stroll to Budapest’s Buda Castle was the unquestionable journey on that early May day. The air was warm and welcoming, the foliage was bright green around the city, and the steep walk up the hill to the castle didn’t seem so bad with the rustling breeze and the calmness seeping from the old… Read more »

San Francisco Weekend

Two weekends back, Ilhan and I drove up to San Francisco to visit one of my very dear friends from France and to attend an electronic music tour that was in the US from Europe (the first time it had ever toured the US, and the kickoff show was in SF…so cool!). Let me just… Read more »

Budapest // sunset picnicking

Budapest is one of my favorite cities in Europe (that I’ve been to, anyway.). It feel distinctly different from major Western European cities, but these blaring differences are simultaneously difficult to put your finger on. Perhaps it’s the buildings, with their Eastern-esque architecture and deeper shades that make for such a stark contrast with Paris’s… Read more »

Berlin // May 2013

My sister and I spent three days in Berlin this past spring. After stays in London, Paris, and Stockholm, we were absolutely relieved to visit somewhere that didn’t cost an arm and a leg! We Couchsurfed at a guy’s place who a friend of mine recommended and it was awesome…he had lived in Berlin his… Read more »

The Most Perfect Day in Paris

When my sister came to visit me in April, we stopped in Paris between our visit to Amsterdam and heading back to Angers, where I was living. It was the most perfect time to be in Paris…I had been there the week before and nothing was in bloom yet and blossoming trees don’t stay so… Read more »

Saint Malo // Mont Saint Michel

Since I was away from home for Easter this year, one of my lovely friends was kind enough to invite me to her home in Saint Malo (Bretagne) for the weekend. It was beautiful and SO nice to be by the sea. The first day that we were there, we visited UNESCO World Heritage site… Read more »

Amsterdam // Canals

I’m beginning to realize how long it is going to take to post all of my travel photos haha. I took so many in each place, I’m going to need to divide them up not by location but by specific themes in each location. Eek. So here’s Amsterdam Part One: Canals. I think Amsterdam is… Read more »

London // April 2013

My wonderful sister came to Europe so we could travel together for my last six weeks there. It was a really amazing experience that I am very grateful for. Nothing like six weeks of travel with your sister best friend :] Anyways, London was our first stop. I took the “chunnel,”which is the high speed… Read more »