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This Week’s To-Do’s #7

Just one Instagram last week. Last week FLEW by, I wasn’t feeling well Monday – Wednesday and I have had work at H&M every day since Tuesday. Gahh. I took this picture Friday night. I was closing at the mall and decided to drive to get sushi from my favorite place instead of sitting in… Read more »

This Week’s To-Do’s #6

I’ve been completely MIA in blogland the past five ish days…Ilhan and I took a little trip to San Francisco this week :] I have a bunch of catching up to do as far as posting and reading other people’s blogs go, so hopefully I get everything done by Wednesday. I slept all day today… Read more »

This Week’s To-Do’s #4

Ok so can I just start off by saying how is this already the fourth week of posting to-do’s?! Where is all this time going?  Recap of last week’s to-do’s: Focus on seeing the beauty in each day and recording it with my camera. Did SO MUCH BETTER than usual! Could be better, but of course… Read more »

This Week’s To-Do’s #3

Missing French food today…but seriously who wouldn’t? Look at the jam coming out of that macaron…TO DIE FOR. So a recap of last week’s goals: Take more pictures. Took more than usual, but could have been better to be honest. Finish the Arabic alphabet. DONE. Finally! Finish the top of my quilt. I made some serious… Read more »

This Week’s To-Do’s #2

I took this picture from the top of my driveway this past December or January. I for one HATE extreme heat and would rather have 20 degree weather than 90 degree weather any day. I can’t sleep when it’s too hot, I can’t be productive when it’s too hot…basically I can’t function properly when it’s… Read more »

This Week’s To-Do’s #1

Happy Monday :] I’m going to start posting every Monday NO MATTER WHAT some of my goals/plans for the week. I’m hoping this will be something nice to look back on in the future. 8.12 – 8.18 Finishing memorizing the Arabic alphabet Read more than I have been Take a picture every day My second… Read more »