Hearst Castle // exteriors
While there are different tour options for visiting the interior of Hearst Castle, every ticket holder gets access to the castle grounds after the tour is completed. We spent more time walking around outside than we did on the tour and if we hadn’t been so hungry we could have stayed longer. There was so much to explore and so much to take in, mainly because every inch of the place has an aesthetic purpose. You don’t want to miss anything! The attention to detail that went into constructing this magnificent American castle is mind-blowing. From the splashes of color from the tiling to the landscaping to the ornate carvings, it was obvious that nothing went unconsidered.


The only disappointment was that the Neptune Pool (second picture below) was empty :[ Apparently it had to be emptied for repairs and since California is in a severe drought right now they didn’t want to waste water just to make the pool look nice. Understandable of course and I wouldn’t want them to waste any water, but still kind of a letdown.


I’m going to let the pictures do the talking for the rest of this post. The weather varies throughout a LOT…it was so strange, it would be sunny one minute and then heavy fog rolling in the next and then sunny again minutes later.


Me + Jomana♥
*last two photos were taken by Jomana


So who’s ready to move in here with me? Haha ;]
  • seriously, seriously stunning marla!

  • THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! All the colors and design!

  • Oooh I LOVED visiting Hearst Castle!! It was so foggy when we were there, it was almost like a dream 😉 Too bad the pool was empty, I've always wanted to take a dip in it but sadly it's not heated haha.