Hey What’s Up Hello

Helloooooo. It’s already been over two weeks since my last post and besides that it’s been months and months since I wrote a real life update. I’m not sure when my blog got a LOT less personal, but I remember back when I first started writing I shared a lot of stories about my life and I just don’t do that anymore. I guess my life got boring🙊 So here’s the lowdown on my life lately.

  • I’m running in a half marathon on the 24th. Kinda freaking out about it especially because I thought I was following a 12 week training program and just today realized it was a 16 week one…so I’m definitely four weeks behind fml. So hopefully just bumping up my runs to 4-6 miles 3-4x/week will help me get ready in time because as of now I can only run 5! Yikes! Anyone have any crash half marathon training tips?
  • I’ve started my own business, Kova Creative. It’s a full-service social media agency (I might be the only agent so far but whatever!) that I’ve been thinking of starting for about six months now, so I’m pumped that I’m finally getting finished with all the legal stuff/it’s officially named/the website is finished!
  • Ilhan and I are going to Coachella this year. We bought our tickets last year in like June or something so idk how I haven’t mentioned this before but there’s that.
  • Chaya passed away very unexpectedly back in February. I didn’t mention it yet because I didn’t want to talk about it…it’s still hard for me to think about. We’re on the hunt for another friend for Nala so she doesn’t get super lonely but she’s picky about who she rooms with.
  • I’ve gone 85% pescatarian! I’m planning on eventually transitioning to vegetarianism, but for now this switch has been difficult enough. I’ve done a really good job at ordering strictly seafood when I’m out, the only time I go back to other meats is when I’m at my parents’ house or if I get drunk food or something haha. I’m going to do a more extensive post on this transition later this week (it really has been an experience haha) with more details about why I switched etc.
  • Also I’m going to try posting 3 times a week instead of 5…I think shooting for 5 is what made me burn out every time I’ve gotten consistent this year so far.

    So what have you guys been up to?

    • My blog posts have changed from the beginning as well. I actually didn’t really notice until a friend pointed it out to me! Lately I’ve been posting a lot about what I’ve been doing, where I’ve been going, whereas before I used to post more introspective stuff, or as I like to say, a lot about nothing 😛 / Good luck with the marathon! I’m a water creature (competitive swimmer) so I have no helpful tips for training for marathons. You got this though! / Congrats on launching your social media agency! The website looks super legit. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

      • Bahahaha that’s exactly what mine used to be about too…a whole lot of nothing! Your blog is gorgeous, I’ll be leaving some comments as soon as I’m done with this response ;] That’s so cool you’re a competitive swimmer! How did you get started in it? And thank you for your encouragement, I’m getting really nervous/can’t believe I misread the training plan for eight weeks haha. And thank youuuu I’m happy with how it turned out, so I’m hoping I can snag some clients with it!

        • Thank you so much for stopping by! I moved schools after 4th grade. I spent 5th grade adjusting myself. Then my mom decided that I should get more involved in school and forced me to try out for the swim team for 6th grade. I just barely made the cut, and the first year of training was so painful (physically and mentally), but it was all worth it in the end!