Holiday Gift Guide // exclusive collection from O.A.X.
Available for purchase: empire waisted skirt, white blouse, flower crown, long strap bag 
I love giving unique gifts for Christmas. Usually I spend at least a month hunting down the perfect item(s) for each of my loved ones because it’s really important to me that they don’t get something they could have just gone to the store and bought for themselves. So I was stoked to find beautiful treasures from Oaxaca Artisan Crossing (O.A.X.), a brand new company based in Oaxaca. O.A.X. sells handmade clothing and goods that are produced by Oaxacan artists…so if you’re like me and seek gifts that definitely won’t be duplicated, consider something handmade from Oaxaca! Purchases will support a budding small business, Oaxaca locals, and your pal’s overall happiness so everyone wins ;] Also this could also serve as a gift guide for anyone wanting to buy me a gift…heheh.
The O.A.X. clothing line, PeachyModa, is designed by one of the O.A.X. founders herself, fusing traditional Oaxacan patterns and colors with modern silhouettes. Each piece is hand-sewn to order by a local seamstress, so you can customize your order as needed! I’m literally dying for one of these dresses, the skirts are absolutely perf….so back to this being a guide about how to shop for me, you know what to get ;]
There are SO MANY amazing goods available from O.A.X, but here are some of my favorites. They have a gorgeous collection of leather bags, shopping bags, and mugs…I purchased one of the red clay mugs myself and the colors are gorgeous, plus the clay doesn’t get all hot when you put your drink in it like regular mugs do. It’s stays perfectly warm so you can cuddle your hands against it hehe.
Could these pillows be any prettier? I neeeeeed.
I also purchased these huarache loafers that are completely incredible. They’re super comfy, easy to break into, and I get compliments every time I wear them.
The mug that burns no hands. I think everyone could use one of these guys.
Please buy me one of these, they’re too cute and I love stuffed animals.
The sweet ladies at O.A.X. are opening their Etsy shop to the public on December 15 but agreed to release their catalog for A Weekend Crossing readers, which is awesome because it was originally only going to be for their friends and family. If you want to make an order for Christmas, you have to contact them ( by December 10.  Download the catalog here and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram (@oaxaca.artisan.crossing) :]
What’s your favorite piece? Also be sure to tell me if when you get something ;]
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