Introducing #SkygramWeekly
I love the sky. It’s consistent and yet it’s never the same. We all share one sky and yet everyone’s portion of it is unique. Sunset is one of my favorite versions of the sky; the colors, the clouds, those last rays of sunshine leave me breathless. But I also love the fresh and crisp feeling in the air in the morning, the mid-day cloud formations are impressive, and even on cloudless days that span of brilliant blue is amazing.
So I’ve been wanting to create an Instagram hashtag to share pretty sky pictures from around the world, an idea that has been developing and changing for months. I finally decided that in addition to a hashtag, I want to do a once-a-week series featuring skygrams from around the world. We can admire little snaps from different windows of vision together.

To participate, just hashtag your sky pictures with #skygramweekly. I would really appreciate it if you also include where the photo was taken (city, country) so I can list it in my posts :]

I want to see how you see the sky! Start snapping :]