Labor Day Date
I had to work Labor Day weekend (I work at H&M) but Ilhan and I both had Monday off, so we got to go on a real date for the first time in forever. We are the world’s biggest homebodies so it takes a huge effort for us to get out of PJs and do something in the outside world haha. For this occasion, we went to Old Town San Diego, got lunch, and walked around the historic buildings and appreciated some of San Diego.
We found these “Leninades” inside a little boutique and had fun reading the hilarious labeling…especially perfect considering we are learning about Russian history together. 
Ilhan bought me this gorgeous gorgeous opal ring that was handcrafted by a local artist. So perfect!

  • First of all, the ring is wonderful! Looks like so much work! And then Leninade is so funny! Was it good?
    Love the photos, I wish it was still so warm over here.

  • hahaha Leninade. that is amazing. This looks like such a perfect day out, and so interesting too – and that ring is gorgeous! Also, you two make an awfully beautiful couple. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • That ring is beautiful! Love!

    And that looks like such a perfect Labor Day. 🙂

  • Thank you thank you :] I love it! And the Leninade was super yummy hehe. It has been so so hot here though, I wish it would just cool down already! Haha.

  • Aww thanks dear :] I think we look pretty cute together if I do say so myself ;] Thank you for all your comments all the time, you're so sweet!

  • Thank youu :] And yes, it was quite lovely :]

  • San Diego is beautiful and so are both of you! 🙂 You look so good together, and that opal ring cool!. 😀

  • Thank you dear :]