Life Squared // December, 2014
December was an eventful month for me. Ilhan and I moved for the second time in three months, we got rain for the first time in forever (resulting in the most amazing sunsets), Ilhan and I went on more dates than usual, and I spent time planning and hermitting in preparation for 2015.

December 02, 2014 // my first breakfast in our new house

December 07, 2014 // we said goodbye to our little guy :[

December 18, 2014 // saw The Hobbit with Ilhan

December 23, 2014 // breakfast date with my little brother

December 25, 2014 // Christmas with my beautiful siblings
December 29, 2014 // Newport Beach Christmas light viewing with Ilhan

December 31, 2014 // NYE champagne

How was your December?