Life Squared // January and February 2015
I haven’t done a life-update-via-Instagram in a while, so it’s high time for a photo dump. January and February completely flew by and I’ve been struggling to maintain this blog as I’ve gotten more and more busy with my job. I’m obviously really happy to that my real, money-making job is picking up but I do miss this space a lot :[ I’m trying to have a better day-to-day routine so I can spend more time here with my internet friends. It’s been hard to find a balance between work, blogging, and everything else. But I’m sure everyone has been there.

So here are some of my favorite Instagrams from 2015 thus far.

January 3: Ilhan and I spent the weekend in Big Bear with his family at his parents’ cabin. It was snowy and chilly and perfect. I spent most of the time sitting by the fire reading.

January 11: A night out in Orange, CA with my best friend.

January 12: Testing out my iPhone tripod♥

January 17: The day we took our new guinea pig daughter Chaya home!

January 26: Macbook, French press, pen bag. This has been my life lately.

January 27: Date day by the pier.

February 1: Homemade wings and Ballast Point IPAs for Superbowl Sunday (I’m still mad the Seahawks lost).

February 12: Received a lovely little package in the mail from one of my very first blog friends, Miho! This lipstick quickly made its way into my list of most favorite lipsticks ever.

February 13: Pre-Valentine’s Day Starbucks date with mon amour.

February 27: Meeting MY LOVE Hima from Hima Hearts ahh! My first time ever meeting one of my blog friends in real life. It was the absolute best and we were both happy to find out neither of us is a creepy old guy who adopted an online personality to kidnap women lol. 

What has everyone else been up to?

  • Your photographs are always ooh-lalala stuff, I LOVE THEM!!!

  • your instagram snaps are always some of my favorites! (especially the sky ones-seriously, how are there so many beautiful sunsets in socal?)

  • Awww thank you dear :] I have no idea, maybe it's because we're by the sea? Either way I love it, sunsets are my favorites.

  • Thank you mon amour :]