Life Squared // September 2015

Life Squared September01// happy hour at cafe gratitude with my bff ย  02// los alamitos sunsetโ™ฅ ย  03// lil munchies for my lil ones
04// girls day selfie๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผ ย  05// carlsbad beach ย  06// stunning san marcos sunset
07// favorite breakfast of the month ย  08// urth caffe with hima ย ย 09// cafe gratitude work day

Is it just me or did September go by in literally two seconds? I honestly don’t even know how I spent it…it just evaporated. I did try some new restaurants that I’ll be blogging about soon (most notably Ilhan and I found our new favorite EVER ramen restaurant and maybe/definitely ate there three times last month…) and started working out again after six weeks of doing nothing and eating whatever the heck I wanted in Turkey and Bulgaria haha. Also I finished listening to every episode of my favorite podcast Sword and Scale for the second time, which means I’ve spent about 100 hours of my life listening to it haha. If anyone else is a true crime junkie like I am, I highly HIGHLY recommend it! Oh and I dyed my hair to a very dark/almost-black-but-not-quite after it getting super sun bleached on my trip.

How was everyone else’s September?