Life Update // New Specs!

Warby Parker*this is NOT a sponsored post! I just love my new glasses!*

Thanks to that super long blog break that I took, this is super overdue. But! I’m still something I’m super stoked about. I GOT NEW GLASSES GUYS, and it’s been the actual best new purchase I’ve made in forever.

So I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 12ish and have hated them since the beginning…they just never felt flattering on me and they made me feel dowdy or like my face was blocked. I never spent much time picking glasses, just chose the best of what was available at the optometrist’s office. Since I was able to start wearing contacts, I’ve basically only resorted to wearing glasses when I absolutely had to (like after I’d been wearing contacts for weeks on end and my eyes really needed a break).

I had my most recent pair of glasses since late 2011 until this past July, and even though I liked them best of all of my previous pairs I still felt like I looked severe in them. Like really librarian-ish. I had an extremely difficult time finding pictures of myself in them (see below!)!

Warby ParkerWarby ParkerWarby Parker

So in July I decided to actually invest some time into buying new glasses and I am SO HAPPY that I did. I had a really fun time picking them out, and I even had a difficult time with it because Warby Parker had so many cute pairs that I liked. Also their customer service was AMAZING and all of my email correspondences with them were very personal and helpful. I highly recommend!

Anyway…here they are! Me and my new glasses teehee.

Warby ParkerWarby ParkerWarby Parker

So here’s the biggest part of this update. I LOVE wearing glasses now! For the first time in my life! I feel cute in them and they don’t feel like they’re blocking my face. As I’m writing this, it’s the tenth day straight I’ve gone without contacts. So here’s to Warby Parker for turning my into a glasses person :]

What’s new with you guys?

  • I love your new frames! They’re adorable and fun! I’m like you as well – wore contacts for years because I didn’t like the frames my mum chose out when I was younger. I finally started buying my own frames (in different colours too!) and I wear glasses without feeling stupid and unattractive, haha. There are days when I definitely choose glasses over contacts.

    • Thank you thank you :] And YES I’m happy to hear that you’re in the cool glasses club too, it’s a good one to be in haha. And it makes such a big difference in confidence!

  • They’re so cute! My new glasses have totally turned me into a glasses person, too, especially because I had an eczema outbreak right under my eye and the pressure was too much on my contacts so I wore glasses for nearly a month straight.

    • Omg that sounds like a completely terrible experience, I’m so sorry!!! I’ve gotten pink eye a few times in the past and it always sucked that I had to wear not cute glasses then haha. Having ones you like totally makes a difference, especially when something bad happens preventing you from wearing contacts!