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Urth CafeUrth Cafe
Santa Monica is one of my favorite parts of Los Angeles. It’s beautiful, there are plenty of cute shops and restaurants to stop into, and its close proximity to the Pacific makes it breezy with that amazing ocean air. I also absolutely love the pier…it’s so pretty and Instagram-able haha. I was in Santa Monica with my lovely friend Hima for her birthday, and after walking around on that picturesque beach we decided to get dinner somewhere equally fantastic for Instagram haha.

Here enters Urth Caffe.

Urth Caffe
Urth Cafe
I’m going to start with our drinks because that’s what Urth Caffe is best known for. Neither of us got coffee so I can’t speak to how it tastes, but I can say that Urth offers some of the best coffee you could hope to taste…it’s sustainable, fair direct trade, and organic, and the beans are heirloom which means they’ve NEVER been genetically modified whatsoever. And of their crop, only the top 1% meets their standards…WHAT! I definitely can’t wait to return to try it.

As for their tea, it is also sustainable and Urth gets first pick from some of the most famous tea gardens in the world. All of the leaves are either certified organic or come from traditional gardens that have been “growing tea in harmony with nature for hundreds of years“. Um…yes please! Their selection includes black, green, white, and oolong teas. I got an English Tea Latte and Hima got a Japanese Tea Latte (read about their amazing matcha tea here!).

LET ME TELL YOU. This was the best cup of tea I have ever had. EVER. First things first, these teas were absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for a place that has Instagram-worthy drinks…this is definitely it. The tea itself was phenomenally delicious, creamy with a hint of sweet. We were both blown away. I’m not exaggerating…the BEST cup of tea I’ve ever had. And although $4.25 might seem expensive for a cup of tea…these were pretty big cups and the quality of the leaves certainly makes it worth it. I’ve been wanting to get another since this day!

Urth Caffe
Moving on to our food, we each got a salad although they also offer sandwiches, panini and pizzas (and they have what looks like an awesome breakfast menu, but they stop serving at 1 during the week and 2 during the weekend). I got the Caravan Kale Salad ($13.99) and Hima got the Urth Farmer’s Salad ($12.50).

Urth Cafe
The Caravan Kale Salad is a salad of organic tuscan kale, organic red quinoa, Persian cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, roasted yams, red onion, pita chips, and fresh mint tossed in Urth’s pomegranate vinaigrette, and topped with ricotta salata cheese. I was OBSESSED with this salad, and it was wonderfully filling without making me feel stuffed. I felt healthy and energized!

The dressing was fantastic and pleasantly sweet, not overwhelmingly so (I don’t like overly sweet salads), and the amount of dressing was perfect. The roasted yams were an amazing, unexpected touch (have you ever had yams in a salad? I hadn’t.), the flavor and texture really complimented the rest of the salad! And finally I love love loved the pita chips on there, they added crunch but weren’t dry like croutons. I would absolutely order this again, and like the drink I have thought about this meal since then!

Urth Cafe
The Urth Farmer’s Salad is a salad of locally grown baby spinach salad with peppercorn dressing, grilled artichokes, tomatoes, French radishes, red onion, shaved fennel, glazed pecans and shaved parmesan cheese. Like me, Hima adored her salad and felt full but not stuffed. Just look at that AMAZING shaved parmesan! And those artichoke hearts give me some serious heart eyes.

Urth Caffe
Last but not least, the bread that came with our salads was BOMB. I’m extremely picky about artisan bread after spending a year eating the best bread on earth in France haha, so believe me when I say this bread was FANTASTIC. Crusty but not dry and the interior was perfectttttttttt, spongy goodness. Hima’s Dried Fruit & Nut bread was also too good to be true…dense but not chewy, and the fruit/nut balance was just right.

We had been eyeing the desserts when we were ordering but we were just too full after dinner sadly. I definitely plan on returning to this particular location and also trying out some of their others in different parts of Los Angeles. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend a visit to Urth Caffe next time you’re in the area!

*photo of the building itself is from the Urth Caffe website

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