New Year, New Me // I Chopped My Hair Off!

Back in 2010, I cut my hair really short…like above my shoulders short. And I’ve been growing it out since then. I LOVED my long hair, it made me feel like a mermaid, but it was just starting to feel really heavy and high maintenance, you know? It was like wearing a huge blanket on my head sometimes, my hair just felt like it was everywhere. So yesterday I did a thing…I got it cut off! It’s probably going to take a minute to get used to the lob, but it already feels so much lighter and fresher. Hi, 2016!

  • OHHHH! I love it!!

  • wow! i didn’t realize how drastic of a cut it was until i saw it here–looks amazing girl!

  • Love the short hair! I got a chop earlier this year and it was so refreshing and nice! You look amazing!

  • love the new cut! looks wonderful!

  • You look fantastic! I bet it feels amazing to have lighter hair 😛
    I went from long to shoulder length and I can’t stand having long hair anymore.

  • Hima

    omg in love with you