New York City + Boston // Travel tips anyone?

Back in January, I posted a list of places I would love to visit this year. I wasn’t positive about any of them coming to fruition, so I’m beyond excited that I’ll be checking TWO destinations off in April! I’m going on a two week long trip to New York City and Boston to visit some of my best friends from college and I plan on doing so much catching up, cafe hunting, museum browsing, site seeing, restaurant indulging, and park day-ing.
I’m obviously already browsing the internets and Pinterest for trip suggestions, and of course I have my friends who live there to guide me…but I wanted to turn to anyone here in Blogland who has suggestions for me in either or both of these cities? I am not too interested in shopping, but I would love any recommendations for food, drinks, coffee/places to do computer work, and museums. Also I LOVE history more than anything, and both of these cities have significant importance in US history so any sites/buildings/etc that are really old that you especially love would be welcome!
Thank you in advance :]
  • New York is on the top of my to-go list. Until then, I will be waiting to read your posts with some stunning NY photos 😀
    Noor's Place