Oaxaca // Casa Oaxaca
Ilhan and I wanted to have a nice date night while we were in Oaxaca and Erin recommended that we try the restaurant at Casa Oaxaca hotel, which is apparently one of the top 50 restaurants in Latin America (no. 34!)! The restaurant area is in the hotel courtyard, but since it’s a boutique hotel (with only 7 rooms) it didn’t feel like you were being watched or anything. It had a quiet, romantic feel…one of those restaurants where the guest at every table seem to be having an intimate conversation.

We were served opening cocktails alongside the menus, which felt fancy haha. It was a mescal/passionfruit drink with a chili pepper/salt rim…sipping the sweet, fruity drink against the spicy rim was unlike anything I’d tasted before. Also can I call your attention to those huge wine glasses? We ordered glasses of wine and they literally filled the glasses up halfway. Aka an astounding amount of wine teehee not complaining.

The complimentary appetizers were homemade corn chips + fresh salsa (which they prepared table-side!) and we were each given a fluffy flour tortilla with black beans and queso fresco on top. Since we were going all out, we ordered our own appetizers too haha. I got a cactus fruit salad (have you ever had cactus fruit? It was like apple.) and Ilhan got a kind of beef stew with fresh corn tortillas to eat with it. The pictures I took of said stew/tortillas all turned out painfully blurry so they aren’t pictured.

Fun fact about me: I LOVE ordering fish when I’m out. I don’t know why…it feels so elegant or something and fish is usually too expensive to buy at the store to prepare yourself lol. I was really tempted to order a more adventurous entree (like one that had crickets in it!) but I just couldn’t steer myself away from the fish. The fish (grouper) fell apart under the fork, dissolved in my mouth, and was packed with flavor. I’d even say it was one of the best seafood dishes I have ever had. It came with an amazing green mole and white beans. I ate every last bite of course! Ilhan ordered lamb with red mole, and like my fish he found it perfectly cooked and deliciously flavored.

We were pretty full but of course you can’t walk away from a nice dinner without dessert! The ice cream was made with goat milk and accompanied with some kind of caramelized lime garnish. We wished we had each gotten one instead of sharing a single serving…it was unbelievably good!

If you’re in Oaxaca, I would HIGHLY recommend trying Casa Oaxaca! It looked like a really nice place to stay too…the pool was stunning and the ambiance of the place was extremely romantic.

What’s your favorite fancy restaurant for special occasions?
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