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Words can’t describe how much I love Living Social deals. Not only do they help you save money on your dates, but they introduce you to establishments that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. This is how Ilhan and I discovered The GreenHouse in Long Beach, via a Living Social deal for brunch and bottomless mimosas. Although they apparently stopped serving brunch between the time we bought the deal and the time we redeemed it (we literally waited until the last possible weekend to redeem it so…!), we settled for a lunch date.

The GreenHouse takes up the first and second floors of a history building in downtown Long Beach, and the views are just lovely. There is outdoor seating, but we opted for a second story table right next to a huge window which we loved. Downtown Long Beach is really pretty, and we had a relaxing time overlooking the tree-lined streets. It has the look of a city without the noise and bustle of one (during the weekend at least!), so it’s basically the best of both worlds. The place has a really cool interior with tile floors, hanging lights, mismatched chairs/couches and artsy art, and there seemed to be a mix of people eating and getting work done.

You order your food at the counter and take a number to a table (side note…instead of numbers, you get a different picture of a flower! We got an iris). The woman behind the counter was really helpful and patient with our lengthy deciding process haha. The mimosas were served first, and although I’m admittedly extremely un-picky about mimosas (I just love them so much), we both really enjoyed what they gave us. The juice tasted fresh and not too sugary, and we didn’t have stomach aches even after drinking a bit, which is what usually happens when I try to make mimosas at home lol. For our lunches, Ilhan ordered a panini (simply called “Panini” in the menu) and I ordered a Fennel, Avocado + Roma Tomato salad. We were both VERY pleased with our meals, although I think mine was more unique of a meal than Ilhan’s.

The panini Ilhan chose came with eggs, spinach, goat cheese, apples, tomatoes and bacon with a side salad. The bread wasn’t as good as Pandor’s bread, but it was yummy, and the filling was fantastic. My salad wasn’t what I expected at ALL. As you can see…it’s not a leafy green salad as one might think when they order a salad. Rather it was sliced fennel, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, parsley and avocado tossed together in a simple olive oil/lemon juice dressing. The avocado made it SO creamy, which I absolutely loved, and the fennel in here was just perfection.

Although we had a really nice time here for lunch, it wasn’t the absolute best possible, so if you aren’t as easy-going/flexible as Ilhan and I are…be warned! There was only ONE server for both floors and outside tables, which was clearly too much as the place was packed (when we arrived, there were only a few tables open upstairs…everything else was already taken). As a result, we received barely any service and had to go downstairs ourselves every time we wanted our mimosas refilled. We felt really bad for him though…every time he brought back our refilled jug he apologized profusely, but we definitely didn’t blame him for what was happening. There CLEARLY needed to be at least one other server working. Another thing we didn’t like was it was incredibly stuffy/lacking ventilation. Since it was a really warm day outside, we’d been hoping for a breezy location or at least one with some fresh air. Sitting upstairs made it like 10 degrees hotter than downstairs too.

As I said, we are both really flexible about complaints and we had a fun time drinking our bottomless mimosas and enjoying the good food. It’s near the ocean too, so you can walk off the mimosas by the beach if you need to (we needed to lol). If you’re looking for a casual, relaxed, slow-paced meal in Long Beach I would recommend the GreenHouse! I want to go back to try their coffee…it has a lot of soaring reviews. 

What do you look for in a favorite brunch/lunch/study spot?

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  • Hima

    I'm absolutely obsessed with avocado – i eat like 2 every week it's insane, and that salad looks so so good. One of the things on my bucket list is to just spend a year going to a different cafe to get work done every weekend. I love Starbucks, but there's something special about independent places.

  • Thanks for being my one comment on this post, you're the best even though I SUCK at comment responding. And omg yaaaaas that's one of my goals too!!! When you come to USC we can make that a reality ;]