Pennsylvania Weekend – Pittsburgh
As you might know, I went to Pennsylvania a couple weeks ago to visit some friends in Pittsburgh and my alma mater in Meadville. I accidentally left my camera in Pittsburgh when I went up to school, so those pictures just come from my cell phone haha. After I uploaded everything onto this post, I realized how photo-heavy it was so I decided to split this into two posts: one for Pittsburgh and one for Allegheny.

I never spent too much time in Pittsburgh when I was at school. I didn’t have a car until the end of my junior year and the city is two hours from Allegheny so it wasn’t exactly convenient anyway. I was really grateful to have had this weekend with my friends actually in the city. We went to a few restaurants, saw a few neighborhoods, and went to the Carnegie Mellon Art Museum. It was really amazing seeing the giant mansions of old money families who were involved in steel industry back in the day. I unfortunately didn’t take too many pictures because I was wrapped up in being with my friends, but I think that’s ok :] There’s always next time.
  • What an amazing place! And soopah doopah photographs!

  • beautiful pictures! I especially love the one of the curtain//shades. I've never been to pittsburgh (it sounds really cool though). glad you had such a great time!

    Little Blue Backpack

  • proof you don't need a fancy camera for good pictures. what amazing graffiti! i've always had this image of pittsburgh being a hip happening place, and it seems i was right?? x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • Thank you :]

  • You should totally go, it's a really cool city even though it's also pretty small. And thank you, I think that's my favorite picture too :]

  • Hehe thank you :] And yes I was BLOWN AWAY by that graffiti. It's such an underrated art form, I think. You have to have a lot of talent to pull off a good piece of street art. And yes, Pittsburgh is a really really cool city :]