San Diego Date Night // Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone!

Ilhan and I have been so lazy as of late when it comes to planning dates. Just picking a restaurant  and calling it a day pretty much sums it up for us. And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE going out to dinner and checking out new spots, it’s one of my favorite things to do…but if that’s all you do it starts to get pretty repetitive you know?

Since our laziness in planning doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, it was an absolute thrill when the Murder Mystery Company invited us to join them for dinner at San Diego’s Old Spaghetti Factory The opportunity to eat yummy pasta in our favorite city while doing something totally out-of-the-box for us? Um…YES please!

Date Night in San Diego // Murder Mystery CoSo the night finally came around. Upon our arrival to the restaurant, we were directed to the third floor by the Old Spaghetti Factory staff. We were greeted right away by some of the actors and were ushered over to take some photos to take home. Can I just say these are literally the best pictures of me and Ilhan I’ve ever seen? Really though, these need to be displayed in every single one of our loved ones’ homes.

Date Night in San Diego // Murder Mystery CoDate Night in San Diego // Murder Mystery CoAfter getting our pictures taken, we made our way to our seats at a table with two other couples (our team!). Let me quickly run through how the whole thing works: it was an interactive show, so while the actors definitely played significant parts in the whole murder mystery, members from the audience played characters as well!

Date Night in San Diego // Murder Mystery CoDate Night in San Diego // Murder Mystery CoIt was so much fun, guys. While we enjoyed dinner and drinks,  the show went on around us. The actors were hilarious and super into it, and all of the guests played along enthusiastically. We were given the chance to walk around the room and interview other teams to get clues (complete with bribery!) until it was time to put our heads together, go over the clues, and determine who the killer was and how they did it. Our team was one of only two to get it right hehe. I guess all of that SVU really paid off!😏

And I have to add…I was picked to be one of the suspects/active participants. Before we got there, I was REALLY nervous that this was going to happen because I’m absolutely petrified of being put on the spot and having all eyes on me. That being said, I give the Murder Mystery Companylot of credit because I wasn’t scared or embarrassed when I had to stand up and talk. That isn’t an easy feat! The actors really helped me feel comfortable and made participating so so easy despite the fact that I was FAR outside my comfort zone.

Date Night in San Diego // Murder Mystery CoDate Night in San Diego // Murder Mystery CoDate Night in San Diego // Murder Mystery Co Date Night in San Diego // Murder Mystery CoIf you’re in San Diego and looking for a fun date night, I highly recommend dinner with the Murder Mystery Company! It was an experience unlike any I’ve ever had, it was a great date for me and Ilhan, and it was nice meeting so many other local people. Plus the Old Spaghetti Factory is in the Gaslamp Quarter, so there are lots of fun places to get drinks before and/or after the party. We can’t wait to return!

All opinions are my own.