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As a blogger/writer, I’m all about finding cute cafés in which to get work done. It’s super easy to pull into a Starbucks (which I love too!), but there’s something really special about finding a cute, non-chain coffee shop at which you can become a regular. Kettle Coffee and Tea in Escondido (North County San Diego) is just such a place. My parents and I come here whenever my dad has a day off work, and I frequently do breakfast dates with friends here.

The interior is industrial looking, with an exposed ceiling, brick wall, and hanging lights. The menus are handwritten as you can see, and the baked goods are all homemade from local bakers. One of my favorite parts about being here is the music they play! You don’t realize how important background music is or how it affects the mood until you experience really good or really bad background music. I often hear them playing movie scores (like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings…YES PLEASE!) to more folk/indie type music…it’s seriously clutch. If I don’t bring my headphones, it’s no big deal.

While I don’t really like their house coffee, the handmade coffees are incredible. They make all of their syrups by hand, and it makes a big difference in comparison to chain coffee shops. Again…you don’t realize how big a difference until you try it! Their seasonal menu is really unique, which I love…above is the seasonal Lavender Latte, which was so aromatic and one of the most interesting(ly delicious!) coffees I’ve ever tried. Other amazing hot drinks that I’ve tried and loved…the Everything Nice spiced latte, Yerba Mate Maple Latte, and Mexican Hot Chocolate. If you aren’t in the mood for something that fancy, I also love their lattes and mochas :]

As I mentioned above, I frequently come here for breakfast dates with friends. I actually find myself craving their oatmeal and açai bowls when I’m not in town! The oatmeal is so hearty and filling; although you can choose from a variety of toppings, I always get almonds, berries and bananas haha. Everything is SO fresh and they definitely do not skimp on those toppings. Sometimes my best friend and I come here specifically because we want their oatmeal so badly…it’s that good.

The açai bowl (above) also comes with perfect, fresh berries and they put homemade granola at the bottom of the bowl. You can opt to add yogurt to the dish (which I usually do). The açai is AMAZING…it’s like eating a smoothie out of a bowl like soup, and the granola is really fresh, crunchy and doesn’t get soggy. Below is the breakfast sandwich that my dad always gets. It’s toasted bread with eggs, spinach, tomatoes and cheese. He’s obsessed, he gets it every time we go.

Escondido might not be at the top of every tourist’s list when visiting San Diego, although if you’re on the way to the Safari Park this would make a perfect place to eat breakfast before. It’s on Grand Avenue, which is one of my favorite streets in all of Esco…lots of trees and little shops and restaurants like this one.

I’m going to start sharing more Southern California coffee shops on here from now on…consider this the first of a series! I think when you’re traveling in a new place, it’s nice to have a few places in mind for a peaceful cup of coffee that are unique to the city you’re visiting…not a chain coffee that you can get back home too.

Do you have a favorite coffee shop to do work in/meet up with friends in?

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  • You honestly find the best, cutest cafes – it really just makes me wish I could meet up with you for a coffee in these charming places! and the food looks excellent too. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • Looks like a very lovely place. If I could only go!

  • Yumm, everything looks so fresh, I usually prefer to take a fresh fruit salad over pancakes for breakfast, specially when travelling it’s extra comforting for me 🙂 I also like the name of Escondido, it was funny to read that it was touristy since the name in Spanish would make you think otherwise 🙂

  • Hima

    The first paragraph is almost EXACTLY what I said a few comments ago! Although we’re so similar, I’d totally expect that. I’ve been to Escondido, but I’m pretty sure we stopped at like Starbucks on the way to the zoo.

  • Hima

    The first paragraph is almost EXACTLY what I said a few comments ago! Although we're so similar, I'd totally expect that. I've been to Escondido, but I'm pretty sure we stopped at like Starbucks on the way to the zoo.