San Diego // Spike Africa’s + Extraordinary Desserts

Last week, my sister and I went out for a fancy-ish dinner at Spike Africa’s Fresh Fish Grill and Bar in downtown San Diego, because nothing makes catching up better than catching up in dress-up attire! Neither of us had ever eaten at a place right in the midst of the San Diego skyscrapers and the views were gorgeous (clearly).

Erica only drinks alcohol on the rarest of occasions, so she just ordered a soda water with lemon while I got a glass of white wine (yay happy hour!). We also used a Yelp check-in special that scored us a free appetizer of their homemade barbecue chips and onion dip. The chips weren’t as crispy as I am used to, but that’s probably due to the fact that they were actually fresh and not junk food haha. We also got a free sampler plate of cold salmon, cucumber and berries with a balsamic dressing and it was AMAZING.

One of the highlights was happy hour $1 oysters; they were so so yummy and tasted super fresh. A perfect, light prelude for our meals; I got a balsamic salmon and Erica got a salmon salad (WE LOVE SALMON!). We were both very happy with our plates; my salmon was so smooth and melted in my mouth. I kind of wish I got more vegetables with my plate though…three shoots of asparagus and a tomato cut in half seems a little minimal to say the least.

The thing that we liked the best about the dinner was the amazing service and the PERFECTLY paced delivery of each part of the meal. It was really drawn out, but not slow; we were able to digest each part before the next one was brought to us, and it made for a really casual meal ideal for a lot of talking and catching up. I don’t like it when restaurants bring everything so quickly that you’re barely done with one plate when they bring the next…it can make me feel rushed and like they need to clear our table as soon as possible.

For dessert, we went to Extraordinary Desserts, an incredible dessert/coffee/tea place in San Diego. We had been there before and are obsessed. The tea selection is really intriguing and the desserts are truly extraordinary. Delicious, visually beautiful, and beyond satisfying for the sweet tooth haha. We got a gluten-free chocolate cake with fruit…and you can imagine how amazing it was haha.

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  • wow – i would looove to go on a sister date like this! the food looks amazing, your photography is stunning, the dessert looks INSANE… yep, perfect. i love that they made the whole experience so great and had such attentive and professional service, it makes such a difference. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • WOW. I am pretty much just drooling over this foodporn!!

  • OMG the dessert , let me say again , OMG THE DESSERT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Haha! I love sisters-day-outs. Areeba and I are huge foodies so it's always a pleasant time to stay and eat together.

  • hi can we go on a bbffl date like this

  • oysters! oh my goodness. i love them. and what a lovely date with your sister. 🙂 i have an older brother, who are awesome too, but would always be envious of sisters who get to enjoy night outs like this!