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So this is my first ever restaurant review post! Miho, I hope you’re proud of me haha. I finally plucked up the courage to shamelessly photograph my food in a public place!

A few weekends back, Ilhan picked me up from work after I had been CRAVING some ramen from this place downtown called Underbelly. I should have taken more pictures of the interior, but alas…I’m not a brave photographer haha. The restaurant has a very modern design, with very simple lines and clean decorating. It opens up on to the street on two sides (it sits on the corner, so the front and left sides have street views), which is really nice because it’s perfect for people watching. The only downside is you can’t have alcohol on the left side…front side only. Really weird rule and who knows why it exists, but it does. So Ilhan and I sat in the front, which was a little chilly but still lovely.

We started our meal with a couple beers. Underbelly has a pretty good selection to choose from, and I really enjoy choosing beers from a menu and feeling fancy haha. I honestly don’t remember what kinds we each chose because I’m horrible at keep track of such things…but next time I’ll do better in this department! Regardless, both of our beers were refreshing and delish.

Underbelly San Diego
Underbelly San Diego
We had an edamame appetizer which comes with either salt or seven mixed spices. We went with plain salted. Unfortunately, it was served to us at the same time as the meal. Kind of annoying since we then had to choose what was “ok” to let get cold so we could enjoy the other. Besides that, it was perfectly cooked and perfectly salted.

Underbelly San Diego
Underbelly San Diego
I had a bowl of vegetarian ramen with lots of mushrooms in it and Ilhan had a pork one. As you can see, the portions are giant! The first time I came here with my sister, neither of us could finish our bowls. The only reason I could with Ilhan was because it was 4 o’clock and I hadn’t eaten yet that day because I’d been at work. The ramen is reallyyyyy amazing, the noodles are just perfect. Not soggy and a little firm. The sauces and spices they provide are really delicious and compliment the dishes very well. I added the seven-spice mix and a splash of soy sauce to mine, Ilhan added some of their spiciest sauce.

We hung out and enjoyed second beers when the meal was done, enjoying the sunset and the open air feel of the indoor seating. We left satisfied and happy.


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  • this looks fabulous. I'll have to stop by the next time I'm in SD.

  • mmmmm Ramen. <3 I love a nice warm bowl of ramen. Real ramen though. Not the one you boil at home. haha. It looks so good!

  • Is it sad that I live in the Bay Area and have never had non-microwave ramen? Definitely on my winter break bucket list!

  • Now I want some ramen this instant! <3

  • haha i am VERY proud of you!! and you took such great photos as well – these bowls of goodness look so so so good. the rule about the alcohol is so strange, never heard of such a thing before! x

  • looks delicious. i love a warm bowl of ramen. definitely a comfort food of mine for sure!

  • You have me craving a big bowl of ramen now! I haven't had restaurant quality ramen for so long now!

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  • Oh yummy! I can't remember the last time I ate real ramen (not those instant ramen, which I love..)