San Francisco Plans

As you might have read in this week’s Sunday Currently, Ilhan and I are driving up to San Francisco tonight! I am literally getting antsy here trying to write the rest of my scheduled posts and catch up on blogging. I want to just start packing and getting there! So in anticipation, here are just a few things I would like to do while I’m there. This list is not set in stone…we might do all of these things or none! We’re kinda bad at itinerary planning…we are more likely to just see what we feel like doing when we get there.
01. Thrifting. I have been wanting to go sooooo badly because I’m a total shopaholic and I need to cut back on my buying clothes, but working at H&M makes it hard. Hopefully some good old thrifting will satisfy my shopping sweet tooth! I hear SF has some good thrifting, so fingers crossed I can convince Ilhan to indulge me haha.
02. See this? But really how amazing is this picture of Lombard Street?
03. Mystery Winchester House. This is actually in nearby San Jose, but it looks so creepy and awesome. I would love to take a tour!
04. Go on a cable car! I’ve never done anything like this and it’s pretty iconic of SF…so maybe it’s time we give it a try?
05. Eat at State Bird Provisions, literally for no reason other than the menu looks yummy and I read that it’s super super super hard to get a table so naturally I WANT TO BE INCLUDED.
Have you been to San Francisco? Have any recommendations?

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