San Francisco Weekend
San Francisco
Two weekends back, Ilhan and I drove up to San Francisco to visit one of my very dear friends from France and to attend an electronic music tour that was in the US from Europe (the first time it had ever toured the US, and the kickoff show was in SF…so cool!). Let me just say, I am in LOVE with SF after the weekend. It really encompassed a more European feel that San Diego/LA in that it is condensed, walkable, lots of parks, and very populated. We were there so briefly (Saturday was our only full day…we arrived Friday morning and left Sunday afternoon) that we didn’t get a chance to poke around too much, but we saw the Golden Gate Bridge, hung out outside a good deal, and celebrated our 5.5 year anniversary in Little Italy with a lovely dinner.
Ilhan and I spent Saturday afternoon at Dolores Park with my friend and one of his friends. It was just so relaxing and perfect, sipping wine from little jars, soaking up some sun despite the nip in the air, and reclining on the grass.
I wish I had taken more pictures, but alas. Next time :]
  • that last photo is magnificent! i am dying to go to SF. your blog is my little window into the other side of the world! x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • so gorgeous! I've always wanted to go to California. Its definitely on the bucket list!

  • Awwww thank you dear :] I feel the same about your blog! x

  • Thank you :] You should definitely head out! SF is totally different than LA/SD, but I think it's worth seeing all three ;]