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Seattle Eats Tilikum Cafe

We woke up on Sunday morning in Seattle, exhausted and slightly hungover from dancing Saturday night away at an Odesza show. After pulling ourselves together, we headed into the city to find some brunch. Enter Tilikum Place Cafe. With a 4.5 star average out of over 800 reviews on Yelp, it seemed like a more-than-promising option for filling our rumbling tummies. And trust me, we were not disappointed!

Seattle Eats Tilikum Place CafeSeattle Eats Tilikum Place CafeSeattle Eats Tilikum Place Cafe

Tilikum Place Cafe is a modern European/American restaurant nestled in Seattle’s Belltown, walking distance from the Space Needle. The neighborhood is super cute (we spent a lot of time walking around after the meal!) which definitely adds to the ambiance of a restaurant, you know? The interior is no different. We loved the huge windows, the exposed brick and pipes, the pretty decorations, and just look at that beautiful wine area! It was one of those places that makes you feel good via osmosis; its cuteness just permeates. Also the European vibes were too real…I felt really nostalgic for France when we were there.

Before getting into the food, I want to quickly acknowledge the incredible service we received here. Parking in the area was atrocious so Ilhan dropped me off while he drove around to search, so I was left to be that awkward person sitting alone just waiting for the rest of their party. The servers did an amazing, amazing job not making me feel weird even though it took Ilhan a good 20 minutes to join me.

They brought me water and coffee and menus so I could look it over while I waited but didn’t pester me about taking a long time. And after Ilhan arrived, they were attentive and so so kind, which makes a big difference. Even if the food is great, terrible service will ensure that I’ll never return; the Tilikum Cafe service was the kind that would get you to come back even if the food was just so-so (and it was way better than so-so!).

Seattle Eats Tilikum Place CafeSeattle Eats Tilikum Place CafeSeattle Eats Tilikum Place CafeSeattle Eats Tilikum Place Cafe

So onto the good stuff! We ordered:

Warm bread with nutella, butter and home made jam
Baked Eggs butternut squash, roasted poblanos, sage, goat cheese cream, caramelized onions, bread crumbs
TPC Breakfast Plate 1 Egg,‏ bacon, sausage, roasted potato, roasted tomato, toast
French press coffee
Bloody Mary
Fresh orange juice

Seattle Eats Tilikum Place Cafe

The warm bread came first and served as the world’s most amazing breakfast appetizer. The presentation was lovely; we were expecting a bread basket or something, but it came out on a cute platter with the little bowls for the spreads. As for the taste…let’s just say we inhaled that mini baguette. It was served very warm so the butter got all melty after spreading it. I’m not a big Nutella person (I know, I know…I’m weird), but the jam was sweet and perfect so I happily stuck with that.

Seattle Eats Tilikum Place Cafe

Of the two dishes, we both preferred my baked eggs. I’m actually salivating looking at these pictures. It was served STRAIGHT from the oven, as it it was too hot to start eating right away. But when it was cool enough to try, it was to die for. It was heavier on the butternut squash than I expected…since it was titled “Baked Eggs” I expected the eggs to be more prominent, but they seemed to be more blended into the other ingredients. But the goat cheese + eggs made it so creamy, the bread crumbs on top were super crispy, it was a perfect sweet/salty combo…YOU GUYS. I ate the entire thing even though I was stuffed about halfway through. It was that good.

Seattle Eats Tilikum Place CafeSeattle Eats Tilikum Place Cafe

I honestly don’t have as much to say about Ilhan’s dish because it wasn’t as unique of a dish as the baked eggs; there isn’t much to describe about bacon, eggs, and toast if you know what I mean. But I will say this: the egg was beautifully over-easy, the bacon was perfect, the sausage was excellently seasoned, the baked potatoes were hangover heaven, and the inclusion of the delicious roasted tomato was a nice touch to what is a fairly typical brunch dish. So despite being a standard plate…they executed it wonderfully. For drinks, Ilhan was in love with his fresh orange juice, but while I loved my Bloody Mary, it wasn’t as spicy as I usually like them. I’d order it again though!

Seattle Eats Tilikum Place Cafe Seattle Eats Tilikum Place CafeSeattle Eats Tilikum Place CafeSeattle Eats Tilikum Place CafeSeattle Eats Tilikum Place Cafe

A beautiful restaurant in a beautiful neighborhood, extraordinary service, and beyond delicious food. Tilikum Place Cafe is undoubtedly going to be at the top of our list of places to revisit next time we’re in Seattle, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a cute brunch spot in close proximity to the Space Needle. I wish they had a location a little closer to home for us!

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  • Hima

    Still so so jealous that you got to see Odesza like twice in a week, one LITERALLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME.

    sorry i’m done.

    wow this food looks AMAZING. I also don’t love nutella- I feel like it’s really sweet and artificial tasting. Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter is SO much better! Also these baked eggs remind me of the truffle gnocchi from that restaurant in florence and now I want to go back to florence because that was legit the BEST meal of my life. ok i am all over the place bye