Seattle Eats // 10 Spots You Have to Try!

Seattle Eats 10 Spots You Have to Try

I take eating out very seriously, especially when traveling. When you only have a limited amount of meals to spend in a particular city, you want to make sure your time is spent wisely right? Before we went to Seattle, I spent hours reading Yelp reviews and checking out menus before making a prioritized list of places I wanted to try while we were there.

Let me tell you…it was sooo worth it. We absolutely loved every single one of these stops and I would revisit them all regularly if I could! So here’s to saving you a bit of time prepping for your Seattle trip…here are 10 spots you have to try while you’re there (thank me later😉).

Pike Place Chowder

With 4.5 stars/3,730 reviews on Yelp, we were absolutely determined to try Pike Place Chowder. It has won the “Nation’s Best Chowder” award three times (even beating out East Coast chowders!) and several other prestigious awards regionally and nationally. Ilhan got the New England Clam Chowder in a sourdough bread bowl and I got a cup of the Smoked Salmon Chowder. Literally salivating right now remembering this meal…absolutely phenomenal and perfect for a chilly day at Pike Place Market. TO. DIE. FOR.

Seattle EatsSeattle EatsSeattle Eats

There are two locations (we went to the Post Alley one, right in Pike Place Market)
Address: 1530 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101
Hours: 11-5
Address: 600 Pine St. 4th floor, Seattle, WA 98101
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 11-8; Friday-Saturday, 11-9; Sunday, 11-7

Piroshky Piroshky

Piroshky Piroshky is a little Russian bakery that’s also located right in Pike Place Market. Ilhan and I wanted to try it all weekend but we were constantly so stuffed that we didn’t have the chance to go until the end of the trip. We went at night, though I hear that it’s better in the morning when everything is fresh and hot. Not complaining though, Ilhan got Beef & Cheese and I got a Mushroom & Cheese and we were both super satisfied. We both preferred Ilhan’s, don’t get the mushroom one unless you actually really love mushrooms…it was very mushroomy and quite a large pastry.

Seattle Eats
Seattle EatsSeattle Eats
Seattle Eats
Seattle Eats
Seattle Eats

Address: Pike Place Market, 1908 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8-6; Saturday-Sunday, 8-6:30.

Biscuit Bitch

Kinda hard to find, but definitely worth the search. SUCH GOOD BISCUITS, great eggs, great coffee, and the employees were all really nice. The menu is full of items called things like “Straight-Up Bitch” and “Smokin’ Hot Bitch” which added to the place’s attitude/made it awesome haha. We both got the “Easy Bitch” which was just biscuits and gravy topped with eggs over easy, absolute yolky goodness😛

Seattle EatsSeattle Eats
There are two locations, we went to the one on 1st.
Address: 1909 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
Address: 2303 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
Hours: (same at both locations) M-F, 7:30-3; Saturday-Sunday, 8:30-3.

Kedai Makan

We tried Kedai Makan in an attempt to be more adventurous than usual; neither of us had ever tried Malaysian food before. It was absolutely packed/we should have made a reservation, but luckily the hostess referred us to a nearby bar and told us she’d text us when our table was ready. We got Duck Noodle Soup and Singapore Tofu Noodles and were in heaven; we each ate half of our own dishes and switched because we both liked them both so much!

Seattle EatsSeattle EatsSeattle EatsSeattle Eats

Address: 1802 Bellevue Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
Hours: 5-11 daily, closed Tuesdays.

Tilikum Place Cafe

I already wrote about Tilikum Place Cafe because it was that good. I was going through pictures for this post with Ilhan and when we got to the Tilikum Place Cafe ones he was like “oh my god that was sooo good.” And it really was. Seriously a KILLER brunch and the nicest serving staff. 6/5 stars, for real. Oh and the Bloody Mary was BOMB😛

Seattle Eats Tilikum CafeSeattle Eats Tilikum CafeSeattle Eats Tilikum Cafe
Address: 407 Cedar Street, Seattle, WA 98121
Hours: 11-3 and 5-10 daily, plus weekend brunch hours 8-3.


Seafood galore, you guys! So here’s a fun fact about Maneki: it’s been running for over 100 years! But sadly during WWII its owners/staff were forced into internment camps so the restaurant was ransacked and ruined in the 40s, but fortunately after the war the owners were able to reclaim it and keep Maneki going so we can still enjoy it today. The interior is beautiful, and the service was great. They told us from the beginning that the kitchen was swamped and offered us a lot of options to keep us held over until our main course arrived.

Everything was amazing, but really this was one of the best yellowtail rolls I’ve ever had and just LOOK AT THAT BOWL OF FISH. It’s called the Chirashi Bowl and it was so freaking fresh and clean and beautiful and delicious. SERIOUSLY YOU NEED TO TRY IT.

Seattle EatsSeattle EatsSeattle EatsSeattle EatsSeattle EatsSeattle Eats
Address: 304 6th Avenue South, Seattle WA 98104
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 5:30-10:30

Moore Coffee Shop

The coffee tasted amazing but beyond that, how adorable/incredible is that latte art? The breakfast sandwich was yummy too though I think you’d come here more for the coffee. It was a really cozy space, we wished we had more time to hang out there but we didn’t stop in until we were on the way out to Vancouver.

Seattle Eats
Address: 1930 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30-4:30, Saturday 8-4, Sunday 8-2.

World’s First Starbucks

Hashtag obviously? Don’t need to say much about the beverages here, but if you’re a Starbucks lover like me I think this is an absolute must for your Seattle eat/drink excursion. I mean even if you don’t love Starbucks…this seems like a pretty important place to check out as far as modern society is concerned haha.

Seattle EatsSeattle Eats
Address: 102 Pike St., Seattle, Washington 98101


Named one of the 50 best bars in the world and home of the Western Hemisphere’s largest spirit collection, Canon couldn’t be missed. The interior was dark and beautiful and the craft cocktails were phenomenal (my pictures of them turned out horribly). If you wanted something off-menu, you can tell the bartender what kind of liquor you want and a vague description of the kind of drink you like and they’ll make you a surprise with a secret recipe! Ilhan and I shared one and it was even better than the menu ones we got, plus the experience of ordering a mystery drink was fun.

Seattle EatsSeattle EatsSeattle Eats
Address: 928 12th Ave, Seattle, WA
Hours: 5-2 daily.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Last but not least, Rachel’s Ginger Beer. We stopped here completely on a whim after poking around Pike Place Market and couldn’t turn down Moscow Mules made with house-made ginger beer! I freaking love Moscow Mules and these ones were the kind that you keep sipping the melted ice at the bottom hoping it’s more mule haha. Hashtag that house-made ginger beer makes a huge difference!

Seattle Eats
Address: 1530 Post Alley, Seattle, WA
Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 10-8, Friday-Saturday, 10-10

So that covers everywhere we ate and drank in Seattle! Writing this post seriously makes me want to go back immediately, everything we tried was beyond fantastic and definitely worth flying from San Diego for ;]

Which of these spots would you be most excited to try?

  • Pike Place Chowder is to die for, haha. I would literally head down to Seattle just for that!

  • I was in Seattle last summer! I’m still working my way through editing all the pictures and getting the posts up on my blog 😛 Next time I visit Seattle, I’ll definitely check out a few of these spots! From your list, I’ve already had Pike Place Chowder, Piroshky Piroshky, and the World’s First Starbucks. From my time in Seattle, one of my favourite discoveries was Cederberg Tea House. I still dream about their iced rooibos latte! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Don’t worry it takes me literally forever to get through/edit pictures🙈 I’ll have to check out the tea house next time I’m there! But wasn’t Pike Place Chowder the actual best thing you’ve ever tasted?!