Spring Inspired Somethings

So when Ilhan and I were in San Francisco, we wandered into a The Paper Source shop and let me tell you…I fell in absolute head over heels love. I’m such a sucker for stationary and nice cards and paper and little treasures and TPS completely tickled my fancy (I love that expression haha). The other night when I couldn’t sleep, I spent wayyy too much time adding items from their Spring Collection on their online shop into my cart even though I didn’t intend on buying them. Go me. This combined with Pinterest has me so so so inspired for spring crafts and sending cute letters and pastel colors and floral scents! I thought I’d share some of my favorite items from the Paper Source Spring collection that I super super want plus my favorite pin from that sleepless night.

1. Paddywax Fresh Gardenia candle. UM OK. I need to change out my more fall/winter themed candles to spring ones and this one sounds just perfect.
2. Spring Fling Baker’s Twine. How cute is this? It puts me in the mood to send brown paper packages tied up with strings. Or even tie together a few fresh flowers. Or use some for stacks of cookies or other baked goods as the name implies.
3. Paper straws in pink and green. I am so so so in love with paper straws, they’re just adorable and make any drink prettier. Seriously…one of my friends had pink Solo cups and pink paper straws, and they were SO CUTE and felt SO FANCY even though they were just flimsy plastic Solo cups haha.
4. Roslie Rifle Note Pad. I have a planner so I really don’t need this at all, but gosh it’s just so pretty with the flowers and the colors…if I wrote my to-do’s on here I’d totally do them all right?
5. This craft. I have never really made paper flowers but these are really pretty and I’d like to get into this this spring. I’m thinking about sending paper flower kits in cards to my friends? That’s a cute spring idea right?

What’s inspiring you this spring?

  • there is paper source where i am too and i love it! i can spend hours in there!

  • i love paper source! i've never been to their store, but their site still gets me in trouble! 😉
    so much cute stuff!

  • that baker's twine looked so cute! i love sending packages and letters, maybe i'll need to pick up some….