The Last Picnic of Summer

Ilhan and I have been a tad too obsessed with eating out lately. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing (great for discovering so many new places, terrible for our wallets ugh), but either way we decided to have one last summer picnic before the sun starts setting earlier and it’s too dark to sit outside for dinner. Notice I didn’t say it’s getting to cold for dinner picnics…it’s been SO HOT here lately, like in the 90s. I’m so beyond ready for chilly fall weather with leggings, sweaters, scarves, and boots but who knows when that weather is actually going to be here :[ :[ :[ Side note the picture above is a great representation of Ilhan every time I try to take pictures of him haha.

So for this special last picnic, we turned to our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Thai restaurant in Los Alamitos, Coconut Rabbit (is it bad that I have another post about them lined up? They’re seriously the best.). For some reason I just LOVE picnics that involve chopsticks…anyone else feel the same way? There’s just something about chopsticks that makes eating seem more exciting haha. We got Crispy Petite Veggie Rolls for appetizers to share, and for dinner I got Jungle Noodles (with extra veg!) while Ilhan got Yellow Curry with rice.

As for the food: The rolls are SO crispy but not greasy at all, and so flavorful that we didn’t even use the sauce that came with them (btw they make all of their sauces in house!). And see those stick things? AMAZING sweet yam and taro “matchsticks” which were super crispy and a really nice compliment to the rolls, and a lovely surprise since appetizer rolls usually come alone. Also I thought the brown box they came in was really cute, way better than a typical white styrofoam to-go box.


The curry Ilhan got is literally THE BEST Thai curry either of us have ever tasted. I feel like Thai curry is a pretty standard dish when you’re getting takeout, but this one is just beyond. The coconut creaminess was divine and the spices were more complex than usual…it didn’t taste like they just tossed in the usual Thai flavors, there was more depth than we expected.

My noodles are unfortunately no longer available, but it was delicious too (although I was kinda envious of Ilhan’s curry, not gonna lie). I LOVE spicy Thai basil noodles and it’s my go-to dish always, so I think I’m pretty qualified to see this is one of the best I’ve had. I HATE when takeout makes the noodles too greasy because I get a stomach ache and they’re slimy haha. These ones weren’t greasy at all, and the flavors were phenomenal. I was really glad that I got extra veg because I think the noodles would have overwhelmed the other ingredients otherwise.

I love picnicking…eating outside in the sun, barefoot in the grass. As much as I love restaurants with nice ambience, I just prefer the open space and rejuvenating fresh air. Takeout at the park combines the fanciness of eating out and the casualness of dinner at home, you know? Anyway, this was the perfect way to say goodbye to summer…the most amazing Thai food and the warm evening air.