This Week’s To-Do’s #2
I took this picture from the top of my driveway this past December or January. I for one HATE extreme heat and would rather have 20 degree weather than 90 degree weather any day. I can’t sleep when it’s too hot, I can’t be productive when it’s too hot…basically I can’t function properly when it’s too hot. Looking at this picture makes me extra winter-ready to say the least. The cold colors, the snow capped mountains, that puff of smoke from someone’s chimney…gosh, what’s not to love? I CANNOT WAIT.

Anyways (I need to stop using that word so much…), I didn’t accomplish last week’s goals quite as I thought I would sadly. But whatever…all the more reason to focus on my goals for this week. Here are five of my goals for this week:

  • TAKE MORE PICTURES. This is serious. I want to blog more regularly but I can’t without a consistent stream of photos. Plus part of the point of me blogging is to push my creativity and photography skills. 
  • Finish the Arabic alphabet…only ten letters to go so I can easily do this.
  • Finish my quilt top…I only did one row last week :[
  • Finish A Clockwork Orange.
  • Watch Pride & Prejudice in French.
Have a delightful week!

  • these sound like great goals! I'm always trying to take more pictures as well, I've found taking my camera everywhere helps. And a clockwork orange is such a fabulous book! (little tricky to read though)

    Little Blue Backpack

  • Thank you for the suggestion :] For some reason remembering my camera is impossible…and I feel awkward whipping it out in public. I seriously have to get over that. And yes, I'm finding it a little difficult to get into A Clockwork Orange…not sure why :