This Week’s To-Do’s #8
Hiiii. So this week I’m trying something a little different with my Instagram recap (Instarecap?). Previously, I have included small sized pictures of my weekly snaps, which I liked because it looked clean and orderly but I also disliked it because you had to click on the pictures to get a good look at them. Last night I was perusing blogs and getting caught up on my favorites (I was out of town since last Wednesday!), and came across this “Instastories” series from Rosie at Cider With Rosie. Her Instas were posted large and with a more detailed description for each, compared to my previous one-liners. So today I’m posting these big-sized and with more of a story for each one. I enjoyed reading her stories and I hope you’ll enjoy mine. 
Please compare this Instarecap to this one that I did a few weeks back and comment letting me know which you prefer :] Much appreciated!
01. I took this as I was laying out my outfits for this past weekend. I left for Virginia on Wednesday night with my family so we could attend my cousin’s wedding. I was in a really good mood when I was packing so I just felt like taking the time to plan outfits and lay stuff out. As you can see, I am SO OVER summer colors/summer wear. I am absolutely despising the heat here in San Diego…it’s basically October for heaven’s sake. Give me some frostiness! Also I am such a dress/skirt wearer. I didn’t pack any pants/shorts for this trip except for leggings for the plane haha.
02. I posted this on Thursday night from our hotel room. Ilhan and I have dated long distance for our entire relationship, only living in the same city during our first five months together. Since then, we have been lucky to be in the same state only during summers and Christmas breaks. Now that I’m back in CA for good, we see each other every weekend. A pretty amazing upgrade from last year, when I was living in France and we didn’t see each other 4-5 months at a time! Anyways, I didn’t get to see him this weekend since we were in VA, so I posted this picture that I took on his birthday in July when I was missing him.
03. Me and my gorgeous sister at the rehearsal dinner :] It was at a lovely country club and the weather was perfect…cool but not cold. I am wearing a black maxi cardigan which is basically my new favorite thing on planet earth. It has a seam on the back across the shoulder blades…so Pride and Prejudice!
04. With my sister at the wedding! Like I said, she is a total stunner. The wedding was just perfect by the way :] 
So I didn’t make myself any goals last week since I was going to be gone the whole time. But here we go with this week’s! 
  • Write letters, start keeping penpals. I just bought a ton of stationary so…I need to put it to good use!
  • Finish my room. Seriously though. It has been pretty clean lately but I MUST finish organizing my jewelry and just do those finishing touches, you know? I can’t keep quitting right before the finish line.
  • Insanity. I finished the first month and then was out of town for nine days total so…I kinda just stopped. So I’m starting over today, this time I’m going all the way.
  • Blog more. I have lots of post ideas, I just never get around to writing them.
Side note, I kinda want to change the title of this series. When I hear “to-do,” I think of a list of tasks. This isn’t about tasks…it’s about goals. However, I don’t like the sound of “Weekly Goals” that much…ugh. We’ll see!
Have a lovely week :] What are your plans? Remember to comment below letting me know which Instarecap you prefer, this one or this one.

  • amazing pics ! Have a lovely week too!


  • I really like the big pictures, it's so interesting to hear the story behind them! Looks like the wedding was tons of fun xx

    Little Blue Backpack

  • I love fall weather. Texas weather will not cool down for the life of me. UGH! Anyway, I feel your pain on settling on dresses with tights. I LOVE THAT ROMPER BTW!


    Where the Water Meets the Sky


  • Thank you dear :] Besos x

  • Thank you for the input chica :] It was super fun hehe. I love weddings!

  • Eek thank you :] And seriously I am grateful to not have to deal with humidity in the summer but seriously I am ready for some cold by now. I just want to wear sweaters and scarves!!

  • I think this one looks best . Bigger pictures always catches my eyes 😉 You and your sister , both look pretty stunning 🙂
    Happy to have ya around Grab a friend . Wanted to reply your sweet note but you're a no-reply blogger.

  • Thank you :] Yes I just learned that my settings were no-reply last night, but it should be fixed now! So next time it will less annoying haha.