Travel Tuesday // San Francisco Weekend, 01
I’m actually not finished posting about my Europe travels yet (almost though…only a few more to go, sadly.) but I’m taking a pause to introduce a few installments of Travel Tuesday concerning my weekend trip to San Francisco with Ilhan :] I took around 150 pictures which is definitely too much for one post haha hence multiple installments.
So it was our sixth anniversary last week (how many times can I tell you guys this? Can you tell I’m stoked on it?) and since we’ve been long distance for all six years and unable to actually spend an anniversary together we decided to do something really special this time and took a four day trip to SF. Not going to lie, the drive north was anything but fun. It was treacherous. We were stuck in TWO HOURSSS of traffic getting out of LA county, and since we didn’t leave LA until after eating dinner (Ilhan still had to work a full day that day) this was quite detrimental to our plan to make it all the way up that night and wake up in SF on our anniversary. We had to settle with spending the night halfway up and kicking off our day with finishing the drive. 

Fun fact about Ilhan: he LOVES giving flowers, and ever since we started dating (even before he actually asked me out) he has done this thing while we’re together where he picks a single flower and hands it to me saying “I got you this.” This is the flower he gave me right after we dropped off our stuff at our Airbnb and were walking to get lunch.

We were completely starving because we didn’t it breakfast in our rush to get up to the city before spending half of our day in the car, so we didn’t wander too far from our room before finding Herbivore. It attracted our attention because we were in the mood for something healthy not horrible for us and with a lot of veggies, and we didn’t go wrong! It was pretty quiet in the restaurant because we were there after regular lunch hours, so we got a table outside in their really cute patio area. 

We started with a nacho appetizer and it was BOMB, with guacamole, a drizzle of sour cream, pinto beans, spicy chipotle sauce and jalapenos in addition to the melted cheese. The only complaint about them was that about 65% of the chips they gave us were little broken ones, as if our plate was the last one from the bottom of the bag of chips. The flavors were great, but yeah…it was hard to eat after we finished the full-size chips.

To eat, I ordered lemongrass noodles with veggies, tofu, cilantro, and peanuts. Ilhan ordered this giant plate of mac and cheese. We both loved our meals and it gave us a lot of energy for the rest of the day, which we spent exploring the city on foot and hiking around the nearby park.

Question time: do you guys go back and check on comments that you’ve left on blogs to see if the blogger responded? I personally don’t do it for 95% of the comments I leave because it takes up so much time/good memory when I already spend a lot of time writing/editing/commenting on others’ blogs. As such, I usually only respond to comments left on my blog via email – leaving any no-reply bloggers without a response. What are your thoughts on this? I’ve been kinda torn up about it because I used to reply to each and every comment directly on my blog. Now that I’ve stopped, I’ve actually been having conversations back and forth via email with commenters which never happened before (which tells me no one actually goes back to check on their comments), but I also don’t end up responding to 50%-ish of my comments. Plus to anyone poking around my blog, it looks like I’m a total comment ignorer because I have no visible replies.

  • looks like such a lovely day. and so precious about him giving flowers! about the blog comment.. i used to just reply right on my blog thinking that if the person really wanted to know the answer to the question they would check back. and plus i thought someone else might have a similar question or was just wondering what the answer might be so i just left it out for all to see. but then i started doing the email replies only and stopped commenting altogether to every single comment. i'm actually still torn at what to do. you've got me thinking again about what i should really do though 🙂

  • I love nacho and your pic makes me hungry now… Hm…
    To me, just like you, I don't usually go back to see the reply to my comments, unless I'm DYING to know the answer. I guess I don't have time to remember which blogs I have commented on. That's why I love it when people just email me their reply, because I can see it right away without having to go back and I can sometimes have conversations with them.
    Also… after blogging for a while I prefer to reply to people's comments through email because a) I can sometimes have conversations with them and/or b) I don't always reply to EVERY comment, and I feel bad if that person whose comment I don't reply comes back and see her comment is the only one that's not replied by me (I'm talking about 3-5 word comments like "This looks fun!" I'm sorry, but I don't have time for this). If it looks like I don't reply to everyone's comment, I think it will look better that way… (I think).
    So that's my 2 cents.

  • 1. I've been to Herbivore. It's amazing. I'm sorry about your chips though! You look adorable, as always.
    2. I used to, but then I switched to Disqus, which requires everyone to put in their email, so I can respond to all comments. If it's a longer comment that will probably turn into a conversation, then I just email them back from the comment instead of replying directly on my blog.

  • I've been so excited to see your san fran recaps! I loved your instagrams. This restaurant looks bomb, both you and Ilhan's meals look so good! I feel the same way about commenting, i honestly never even remember and i feel like people don't go back anyways? i might switch to disqus though, because it gives you notifications when people comment? I don't know *sighs*