Travel Tuesday // San Francisco Weekend, 02
After our glorious lunch, Ilhan and I decided to walk around and just randomly came across Buena Vista Park. Fun fact that I learned: there used to be graves here, but SF had the headstones moved and preserved elsewhere…but not the bodies. GREAT. So there are just a bunch of unmarked graves throughout, how perfect. But besides that, it actually was perfect. 

Can you see the Golden Gate Bridge? Heh so proud of myself for seeing it through the trees/am still vigorously patting myself on the back.

The air was really crisp that day and there was a strong breeze. The amazingly tall trees, the fresh emerald green grass, the dappled sunlight; all gave the impression that we had walked into a fairy kingdom (thankfully Ilhan always plays along with me when I talk about fairies being around haha.).

It was a perfect and relaxing hike, up various sets of stairs climbing up the mountain through the forest. Upon reaching the top, we felt half victorious and half sad that it was over.
  • that first photo is so so beautiful – i feel like i'm really there, peering through those trees. and if a guy plays along with fairy stories, he's a keeper 😉 x

  • this is so beautiful! i'm in love.

    Little Blue Backpack

  • i love that view in the first picture!

  • "Am still vigorously patting myself on the back" HAHAHHA Marla you're so funny. I love the pictures- such a nice place!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts