Travel Tuesday // San Francisco Weekend, 05

This is the last Travel Tuesday about our anniversary trip to SF :[ You’re probably sick of it by now but I have loved living these moments again haha. Thanks for bearing with me!

On our last day in SF, Ilhan and I went to Marin County with our friends with whom we were staying. They knew of a secluded black beach and promised a beautiful drive up; they didn’t let us down.

I know the sand isn’t like…black of night black, but you can see how dark it is compared to regular sand! Slash you can see that there was hardly anyone around haha.

The water was freezing, but Ilhan and I can never resist at least sticking our feet in haha. Our friend took these of us and I’m kind of in love.
When the sun started to set, we hiked back up the cliff. The scenery was stunning, and there were old WWII lookouts to explore.

It was a magical finish to a weekend we hoped wouldn’t end.

Happy six years to us ♥
  • oh the SF coast is so beautiful!

  • i love going through pictures and reliving the moments. these pictures are so gorgeous! and i loves sand that is dark like this. we were on a beach in maui that had black sand. it was such a pretty site. i would love to go back. 🙂

  • GORGEOUS! Oh San Fran! It's a magical place!

  • UGH these are so beautiful. i can't.
    (so glad you had a wonderful weekend and anniversary though!)

    Little Blue Backpack