Turning 25 // the perfect way to celebrate
I had my 25th birthday a couple weeks ago on February 16. 25 is a big one, you know? It marks the completion of your first quarter century of life and brings you into the second one. I wanted to do something super special for this day and spent weeks trying to think of cool things I could do to celebrate…but none of those ideas materialized into actual plans. It’s seriously difficult to plan something when you’re trying to make it the perfect day, but despite having no real plans the day turned out perfect anyway.

^this is a really rare picture of Ilhan smiling with teeth
Something about me: I LOVE being outside in the fresh air, so Ilhan and I got takeout sushi from our favorite place, packed some IPAs, and took our guinea pigs to a quiet park near my house. We sat there for hours, reading books (The Fellowship of the Ring and The Silmarillion), listening to the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack on repeat, and basking in the sun. We bought some harnesses for the guineas so we didn’t have to worry about them running off, which made a HUGE difference; usually we have to either be holding them or they sit in their travel cage, but this way we could lounge and read and they sat and grazed and everyone was happy. The best was walking them though…we would take them across the lawn and they’d literally gallop through the grass and Ilhan and I basically died of cuteness overload. On that note, sorry if this is too many guinea pig pictures but seriously look at them in their little vests how is anything so cute?!

After the sun set, it started getting really cold (by that I mean down to like 63 lol hi East Coast) so we had to leave, but my mom was making her amazing homemade pizza for dinner so packing up wasn’t that disappointing. In retrospect, it’s funny how I was really scrambling to pack the day with fun things in the days leading up to it…but just letting everything fall into place resulted in an ideal birthday after all♥

PS. THANK YOU MIHO for this absolutely amazing lipstick that I’m totally obsessed with!!!!!
  • Kate Mitchell

    Love these pictures! I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday. Looks like the perfect type of day!

  • Looks like an amazing day!! Also, I must say, your eyebrows are so on point! They look amazing! I'll be turning 24 soon, and it's weird to think that 25 is coming closer! When I was younger I used to think 25 was eons away, but turns out it came up faster than I thought it would!

  • UGH you guys are the cutest!!

  • OMG I just can't! So so adorable!! And happy belated birthday! 😉

  • Those pictures are too cute! And how awesome is it that you can take your guinea pigs out for a walk? 🙂

  • Aw! Who can get tired of these gorgeous guinea pig photos? Not me. Happy belated birthday Marla <3

  • Hima

    1. "lol hi east coast" – basically how i feel every time I complain that it's -3 degrees when it's actually 63 degrees
    2. I love that your guinea pigs go out with you guys and aren't just shut up in a cage all the time
    3. The idea of galloping guinea pigs really appealed to me so I youtubed it and was not disappointed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fheL3iQfDlg (They're like little balls of cute!

    4. Next time we see each other you're doing my eyebrows.

  • Miho

    this honestly sounds like the most perfect birthday celebration ever! and you took some stunning photos – you look gorgeous with that lipstick, I knew it 🙂 here's to the next amazing year lovely! x

  • Aw! Happy belated birthday Marla! Sushi and the Pride & Prejudice (fav movie!) soundtrack sounds as the most perfect plan for a birthday celebration with your three loves! 🙂

  • happy belated birthday girl!!!! this looks like the absolute perfect day, picnics are the best. hope 25 is good to you!

  • 1. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL LITERALLY THOUGH I say "it's literally freezing" when it's 55 oops sorry not sorry your weather is the worst East Coast.
    2. Yes we love them and can't leave them behind.
    3. I AM SO OBSESSED WITH THIS VIDEO OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I obviously need four more guineas so I can be that girl haha.
    4. Ok hehehe (insert the smirk emoji that I always use)