Where to Find the Best View in Seattle, Washington

Best View in Seattle
When you’re in a city with a skyline as iconic as Seattle’s, you just have to find a great lookout point for the best view. Before our trip, I literally spent hours on Yelp finding things to do and places to go to and Kerry Park was highly recommended as being the best view in Seattle. We drove up there on our first day in the city to watch the sunset, and it certainly did not disappoint. Although the park itself is fairly small, the view is huge and beautiful; you get the skyline AND the sea with a clear view of the western horizon, making it ideal for sunset-watching. Apparently you can see Mount Ranier too, but it was too cloudy for us to make it out when we were there.

Best View in SeattleBest View in SeattleBest View in SeattleBest View in SeattleBest View in Seattle
I wish we could have spent more time there, but it was SO COLD and windy my fingers were freezing off trying to take pictures. But the neighborhood was super cute so despite the chill we couldn’t resist walking around an admiring the beautiful homes and tree-filled streets. We really wanted to come back again to see the skyline at night, but our trip went by so quickly that we didn’t get the chance to do so :[ It’s for sure on our to-do list for our next trip though, and it should be on yours whenever you find yourself in Seattle!

Best View in SeattleBest View in Seattle

What city has your favorite skyline view?

  • Mar

    What a great view! I wish we had of taken the time to check out the entire skyline when we visited Seattle. I love the view of Toronto at night, from the water.

    • It was seriously breathtaking! And don’t worry, there’s always next time for you ;] I’ve never been to Toronto but pictures of it look AMAZING!! I’ll have to make sure that I get a nice look at the skyline from the water if I ever find myself in the city :]

  • Lovely pictures! Views are amaizng!
    I think by far my favourite skyline is New York City!
    Anna Czarina Blog

  • Hima

    This looks so pretty! Makes me want to go sunset chasing 🙂